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The application case

​25th December, 2014, the EHV AC Electric Power Transmission and Transformation Project which from Zhejiang North to Fuzhou in Fujian Province was officially put into operation.



Zhejiang North to Fuzhou 1000kV EHV AC Electric Power Transmission and Transformation Project was the 3rd EHV AC project, it’s a landmark project to show EHV power grid accessing size expansion stage. The project started from Zhejiang North high voltage substation in Zhejiang province, went through Zhejiang Middle and South EHV substation, ending in Fuzhou high voltage substation in Fujian province, and it’s the main part of east China high voltage main grid. This project newly increased substation capacity eighteen million KVA, constructed 1000 kV double-circuit lines with total length 2 x 598.41 km. The project was of great significance for enhancing the safety and stability of East China power grid and improving the capability of preventing serious faults, and improving the ability of coastal nuclear power groups to deal with emergency accidents.


The electric power optical cable and accessories were supplied by SDGI. For this extremely important project, Quality planning is carried out from the product structure design, raw material selection and procurement, production, inspection, packaging, transportation and engineering services, to ensure accomplishing project requirements with high quality, high standard and high efficiency.


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